Photometer 680 Filter Wheel

Photometer 680 Filter Wheel

REF 680006
Single-beam filter photometer with filter wheel

Possible Applications:

– End-point measurements in clinical chemistry
– Photometric water and waste water analysis
– Enzymatic testing in food analysis
for quality control of wine (e.g. tartaric acid), milk (e.g. lactose), beer, honey, etc.:
Broschure of R-Biopharm test kit portfolio “Yellow line” by Roche or Enzytec™ Liquid


Type Single-beam filter photometer with filter wheel
Light Source LED with long lifetime
Wavelength 340 nm and 390 nm to 800 nm
Wavelength Selection Automatic 9-position interference filter wheel
Photometric Range 0 – 3.0 A
Cuvette System Normal standard cuvette (macro or semi-micro, disposable or special optical glass)
Operator Interface Touchscreen for direct functions and alphanumerical inputs
Data Presentation Graphic display: white characters or symbols, blue background, lighted, resolution 240 * 128 dots
Languages English and French / German / Indonesian / Polish / Russian / Spanish / Ukrainian
  • General operating software can be updated by PC
  • Reagent-open system with capacity for up to 231 programmable methods
  • Data import by touchscreen or PC
  • easy to use by pre-programmed parameters
  • Up to 50 nonlinear calibration curves with max 20 sets of points can be stored
Signal Port Serial port for connection to an external printer and/or PC
Data Logging Up to 1000 results can be saved in the memory automatically
Measurement Procedures
  • Absorbance
  • End point with factor, standard or multiple standards, with or without reagent blank and/or sample blank
  • Turbidimetry with optional timer function
  • Single, double and triple determinations
  • Curve fitting for nonlinear standard curves
Quality Control Up to 50 methods can be controlled with two control serums, Levey Jennings plot
Mains Supply Input: 100 VAC upto 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Output: 12 VDC, 3 ADC
Driving with 12 VDC (car-)battery is possible
Weight 1.4 kg
Included in Delivery 1 Instruction for use
1 Power supply unit with power cord


For calibration of the photometer:
REF 090-064 – Secondary Calibration Standards

Manual available in:

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Modern external battery with DC 12V

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